Unfortunately my grandmother was admitted to the hospital today but we think she will be fine, thankfully. For those saying a prayer for her, they are much appreciated!

Due to this and me being at the hospital with her all morning, I've decided to not push myself and try to complete the video today (in time for the new episode of Grimm).  I will push back the deadline for fan art and video captures to Tuesday morning, October 30th, at 8 am EST (New York time).  So please keep sending in your subs and I look forward to completing the video in time for Halloween!

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What a loaded question! And it's a great one, it truly is. I will have to admit that *ahem* (don't kill me) I haven't seen many episodes of Warehouse 13 yet. I started off as a strong fan when it started; however, life gets busy and I just couldn't keep up with it. I've not been able to play catch up yet so I haven't seen (to my best recollection) Sasha's role in it.

But, that being said, I have seen and fell in love with Caprica. I'm going to spare the character run down for this particular blog entry because the question is for those that know. I will cover Sam Adama (Sasha's character in Caprica) more in depth another time.

So, getting back to the question at hand and using only the characters I am familiar with: How are Sam and Sean alike, and how are they different?

Well I think a lot of the differences are obvious.
  • Sean is an officer of the law; Sam is a mob enforcer.
  • Sean is considered to be high society; Sam is called a "dirt eater".
  • Sean seems to like to manipulate women (hexenbiest, at least); Sam is loyal to his partner.
  • Sean is estranged from his blood relatives; Sam is very close to his blood relatives.
  • Sean appears to be single (even w/rings on his fingers; estranged maybe?); Sam is married.
  • There *might* be a daughter somewhere in the "picture" for Sean; Sam has no children (though he frequently took his nephew under his wing, acting as a surrogate father several times, even holding him while he took his last breath).
  • As far as we know, Sean's body is ink-free; Sam is covered in well earned tattoos.
  • Sean's demeanor is subdued (doesn't talk with his hands a lot; personality is very much in control of his body, which is necessary to control his oh-so-sexy woge); Sam is very active and hands on (which for some isn't a good thing *ahem*).

So, whether bad guy or not; whether married or single; whether LEO or mob thug, these two characters are very easy to fall in love with and perhaps that is the greatest reason they are alike. They are both portrayed by an actor that is fully capable of taking on complete opposite roles and allowing those characters to come through.

Sasha even commented once on how it was difficult to portray Sean because Sean doesn't talk with his hands or move a lot. However, because he was able to master that, in last Friday's episode Nick noticed the captain messing with his hands a lot, as being something out of the ordinary.  And perhaps his own struggle to be true to Sean's demeanor helps translate on film since Sean himself has had to struggle to try and control his woge.

So my conclusion is to answer the question is that they are different because they fall on literally opposite ends of the character spectrum, but they are alike because they are played by an extremely talented actor that is more than capable of bringing them to life.

Kudos to @TeamRenard for keeping it interesting and I look forward to more from them. If you aren't following them yet, what are you waiting for?!?
Well, that's a pretty extensive list. So let's see how they are alike.
  • Both characters clearly take their health to a very serious level. Their bodies are so incredibly well built... every muscle, every sinew is visible *cough-hipdents-cough* and any shirtless scene I thoroughly enjoy (is it just me or is exploring every crease, every dent, every vein, every little thing about him one of the most intense things that can happen in the short flashes of shirtless scenes?).
  • They are men of principle. They seem to stick to their closely held beliefs and don't let anyone interfere with that, no matter how high up the chain their opposition is and no matter how much trouble their principles will get them into.
  • Both Sean and Sam exhibit very strong leadership capabilities (even though Sam shuns that and won't lead the Ha'la'tha, people still follow him unquestioningly).
  • Both men are excellent fighters - with guns and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Both men are someone you 1) want to be on their good side and 2) you don't want to run into in a dark alley, especially if you are not on their good side.
  • Both are stunningly handsome (did I say hip dents already? oh and the pecs, and the arms, and hands... oh hell, everything!)
  • Both, on the surface, seem to be bad guys. I'm confident that Sam is not a bad guy ("bad" is in the eye of the beholder). The jury is still out on Sean though I'm pretty sure not all is as it seems with him either.
Remember the great birthday video I was able to compile for Sasha's birthday? I want to do it again for Halloween! Send me your fan art pics and Grimm video captures to be included (and credited) in this video. I will start working on it tomorrow but will take entries until Friday morning if need be. I can't wait to see how awesome this will be!
Hello and welcome to my blog! Not sure what all I intend to share and write here but there is one promise I can make. It will be Grimmtastic and loaded with things about our beloved Renard and the talented actor, Sasha Roiz, that portrays him.

I want this to be a fully interactive experience so please jump right in with any comments, suggestions, ideas... whatever! I look forward to sharing with everyone and having loads of hexenfun!